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“This path to our ancestral value, brings us back to the Amazon forest.”



The alarming revelations bring us to reflect, from these reflections sprout out solutions.

Wise, awake, and compassionnate women march by thousands. Informed, they fight against waste and pollution linked to big industries. Seeking for a meaning, they get closer to the nature and reconnect to it. They love smelling flowers, stroking leaves, embracing trees. They take time to contemplate its sublime greatness.

They listen to it, it’s so beautifull, we have to respect and protect it.

At home, women open their overflowing wardrobes and start to sort through.


Everything must now be transformed.



An old sheet becomes a beautiful dress, antique tapestry transforms into a bag, a tablecloth will exist as a suit from now on.

NEO GREEN 01 was born from this optimistic dynamic as an Eco responsible and contemporary ready-to-wear collection.



The creative process resides in the balance of a simple yet and elegant garment.

The shapes are inspired by geometry for a controlled volume. Starting with square, circle, rectangle and triangle, the clothes are thin and natural fabrics are rigorously chosen.

This reinvention of textile combined with the French "savoir faire" is the essence of the Atelier Gaëlle Constantini.

FASHION SHOW Gaëlle Constantini




PLACE : Le consulat 

PHOTO : Julien Weber

MAKE UP : Jabe 

HAIR : Eva Guide 


Sandra De Matteis / Relations publiques 

Guillaume et Julien, Khady

Kirby, Claude et Émilie

Marie Husson, Jonathan Levy, Vincent,

Gypsy, Mélodie, Lionnel,

my family et my friends.

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